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Evergrene Requirements

The Evergrene Master Association has established policies, procedures, and rules concerning the buying and renting of properties within the community. To make the sales process more manageable, Evergrene has established the guidelines listed below.

Purchasing and Renting Procedure

The Evergrene background application is through a company called, Tenant Evaluation is a secure site where all prospective resident fill out all the required credentials. All codes to register on Tenant Evaluation are below. Applications are $200 per person or per married couples with the same last name, paid at the end of the application. All future residents 18 years or older must complete an application.

Everyone must create their own user account with a username and password for the Tenant Evaluation site, which allows the user the convenience to complete the application at their leisure. The application code for purchasing is 7773 and the application code for leasing is 7772. Those choosing not to fill out the application in one sitting, will receive an email with the link to access it online at any time, giving them the convenience to complete later. Once the application is completed and signed, the co-applicant will receive a separate email to complete their signatures.

Residents moving into the Evergrene Mansions, the condos on Evergrene Parkway, require an additional application for Lang Property Management. Please contact Lang Management at 561-625-0030 to inquire about their COA Applications and Governing COA Documents and contact information.

All fully completed Association applications and contracts must be presented to Management during regular business hours a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to any sale or rental start date in Evergrene.
Each property may be rented once every calendar year for a minimum term of three (3) months for a single-family home and four (4) months if the property is in the Mansions. No vacation or short-term rentals are permitted within Evergrene.

Requests must be sent by a Title Company or Real Estate Attorney to receive any information regarding the assessment status. The estoppel request should be made at least 30 calendar days prior to closing and requires ten (10) business days to process. A fee of $250.00 will be collected at the time of closing. Rushed estoppel requests require a $350.00 fee to be collected before the estoppel can be processed. It takes three (3) business days to process a rushed estoppel.

Estoppel requests for the Master Association, please email
Estoppel request for the Condo Association, please contact Lang Managemen at 561-625-0030.

As part of the application and approval process, all applicants are required to complete an orientation prior to approval. All prospective new residents must complete the orientation video within ten (10) business days before closing, not including weekends or holidays. A Certificate of Approval required for closings will be issued after this process is completed and once the estoppel for the property has been completed. To receive the Evergrene Orientation Video password, please contact Natalie in Member Relations at 561-626-1981 ext. 229 or email

Orientation Video
Each new homeowner is required at closing to contribute to the Capital Reserves of the Association an amount equal to one-quarter of that property’s Annual Assessment. This Capital Contribution is also necessary when there is a change in title to a property. Such Capital Contribution shall be used to establish adequate reserve funds for replacement and/or capital refurbishment of the Common Areas and the Limited Common Areas, Surface Water Management System, and the portions of Lots or Units which the Association is responsible for maintaining. The Capital Contribution is disclosed on the estoppel.
The Closing Agent (realtor, Title Company, or Closing Attorney) must email a copy of the fully executed Warranty Deed and Settlement Statement (HUD Statement) as soon as possible to the attention of Natalie Wingate at If the Closing Agent does not forward these completed documents, the new homeowner will need to bring copies of these documents to the Clubhouse and hand them to Natalie Wingate. These must be received in order to be set up in the system as the new homeowner. Once set up in the Evergrene system, the new homeowners will receive their member number, ID Cards, and be eligible for barcodes. The new owners will then receive an email from our Gate System Database, DwellingLive. This system will enable residents to maintain visitors, contractors, vendors, or deliveries who have access to your home. Until an owner/tenant is activated in the gate system, any moving trucks will not be allowed on property, and access to the Clubhouse will be denied.