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At Evergrene, members benefit from resort-style community living combined with a family-friendly atmosphere that offers a stunning environment, exciting activities, and beautiful amenities. Members have access to all of the Clubhouse's amenities, including our resort-style infinity pool, gyms, and recreational courts. The Evergrene Clubhouse brings the community together as friends and neighbors.

Residents moving into Evergrene are required to complete a General Application through a company called, Tenant Evaluation and submit it to the Master Association. All codes to register on Tenant Evaluation are below. Members moving into the Evergrene Mansions, the condos on Evergrene Parkway, are required to fill out an additional application from Lang Management for residency. 

Tenant Evaluation Application 

The Evergrene's General Application is through a company called, Tenant Evaluation is a secure site where prospective resident fill out all the required credentials. All codes to register on Tenant Evaluation are below. Applications are $200 per person or per married couples with the same last name, paid at the end of the application. Everyone must create their own user account with a username and password for the Tenant Evaluation site, which allows the user the convenience of completing the application at their leisure. Those choosing not to fill out the application in one sitting will receive an email with the link to access it online at any time, giving them the convenience of completing it later. Once the application is completed and signed, the co-applicant will receive a separate email to complete their signatures.

Residents moving into the Evergrene Mansions, the condos on Evergrene Parkway, require an additional application for Lang Property Management. Please contact Lang Management at 561-625-0030 to inquire about their COA Applications and Governing COA Documents and contact information.

Residents who would like to add a resident to their home, who are 18 years and older, are required to fill out an Additional General Application through Tenant Evaluation. Applications are $200 per additional person added to the home. Person(s) will be creating residency, will be added to the Clubhouse and Gate System database, be able to call people through the gate, obtain guest passes, use all amenities, and obtain a barcode for their vehicle.

Only persons listed on the lease will be eligible for residency, amenity use, and will be able to obtain a barcode. All tenants must register through Tenant Evaluation
Tenant Evaluation
Site General Purchasing Application: 7773
General Leasing Application: 7772
Additional Resident Application (Dependent to Owner): 9004
Additional Mansions East and West Application: Contact Lang Property Management at (561) 625-0030.